Frequently Asked Questions

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How many years were you in foster care?

An odd 13. My case goal was APPLA which means I aged out and was never was reunified with my parents or adopted.

What inspired you to write a book?

This is a question with many origins. I've always wanted to write a book about my experiences, but I had not figured out the details of my story to transform it into a compelling one so, I kind of put it off. The idea made my vision board every new year but I never made it a completed goal. Then, I grew tired of identifying myself with foster care and often wanted to forget about the experience all together. It wasn't until I was unexpectedly asked about my experience as a child in foster care by a child I was serving as a Case Manager. In addition, the universe sent quite a few "tell your story" messages, it finally came to me, keeping my story to myself felt selfish.

How did you self-publish?

I decided to not to use my energy for asking gatekeepers if my writings are good enough for publishing. In January 2020, I self-published using IngramSpark. I hand sold copies at local events, and have copies at local bookstores. The hustle and bustle of this journey has been one of my favorite memories till date.

Do you have any published books?

LABELED: Ward of the State is my first book.

Can I book you for an event?

YES :) Email with your request; specify details about your event: time, place, # of books, hoodies, and socks order, speaker budget, etc.