Marlene Matarese Advocate for Youth Award recipient, Kenisha E. Anthony is a multifaceted writer, philanthropist, social worker and influencer hailing from Miami, Florida. Kenisha uses her platform to be transparent, collaborative and generous. She's radical; speaking truth to power by sharing her lived experiences to impact the life of vulnerable individuals through advocacy and social action. Building her brand on "defying labels, statistics and status quo" and offering critical reflections on social issues in a diligent manner. Kenisha has delivered empowering keynotes at gala's hosted by non-profits, Florida International University and collaborated with various organizations such as The Miami Foundation, Educate Tomorrow, Genesis Hopeful Haven and Precious Dreams Foundation to name a few. To contact Kenisha, send an email to hello@kenishaanthony.com. Kenisha is on Instagram and Twitter as @aboutkenisha.


This playlist of music has been the background of my life throughout this journey of writing, reflecting, and growing.