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Ward of the State  

LABELED captures a resilient voice. It's a coming of age experience that explores the intersectionality of life, foster care, and social justice. From the perspective of a child, young adult who've aged out, advocate and social worker. Written to spark inspiration for readers to live life despite barriers. 



Inspired by the captivating pages of LABELED: Ward of the State. Immerse yourself in the world of Kenisha E. Anthony's imagination with a collection that embodies the essence of her story.

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Praise for LABELED


Living proof that we can overcome things.

Julia Biard, Author of Imagine This: Growing Up with my Brother John Lennon

Real and Raw! Character building for all our lives.

David Lawerence Jr. Retired publisher of the Miami Herald and now, chair of the Children's Movement

A truth-telling work of art that delivers a systemic response to the foster care system.

Suze Guillaume, Author of Do It BIG and curator of Liberty City Reads


A first-generation college graduate, award-winning advocate for youth, and author. Known for being resilient and bold, she’s an outspoken activist utilizing her experiences to empower others. As a foster care visionary, she starred in the documentary, Foster Shock and has been featured on NPR and in Essence Magazine. Her eye-opening memoir, LABELED, is her debut.

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