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  • What inspired you to write?
    This is a question with many origins. I've always wanted to write a book about my experiences, but I had not figured out the details of my story to transform it into a compelling one so, I kind of put it off. The idea made my vision board every new year but I never made it a completed goal. Then, I grew tired of identifying myself with foster care and often wanted to forget about the experience all together. It wasn't until I was unexpectedly asked about my experience as a child in foster care by a child I was serving as a Case Manager. In addition, the universe sent quite a few "tell your story" messages, it finally came to me, keeping my story to myself felt selfish.
  • Do you have written books?
    LABELED: Ward of the State is my first book.
  • How did you self-publish?
    I decided to not to use my energy for asking gatekeepers if my writings are good enough for publishing. In January 2020, I self-published using IngramSpark. I hand sold copies at local events, and have copies at local bookstores. The hustle and bustle of this journey has been one of my favorite memories till date.
  • How many years were you in foster care?
    An odd 13.
  • What are your credentials?
    I earned a Master of Public Administration, a Bachelor of Social Work and certifications in child welfare and human resources policy and management.
  • What daily habits do you practice?
    I practice meditation, yoga, read at least 1 book a month, listen to podcast, journal, color and frequently experience a new place/thing.
  • What kind of books do you enjoy reading?
    I enjoy non-fiction, a good memoir or self-help book. Experiences are one of the best teachers. I like fiction books such as Harry Potter and the Coldest Winter Ever. After reading "True to the Game", I put urban books down. It's my all-time favorite!
  • What is your favorite podcast?
    I have 3 favorite podcasts; Unbothered, Small Doses and Super Soul Conversations. I almost never miss an episode. Pull Up and The Breakfast Club are 2 of my favorites as well.
  • Can I book you for an event?
    Yes. Email and specify details about your event in your request. i.e time, place, # of order books, speaker budget, etc.
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